Wednesday, November 14


Hello everyone! Although this blog and the Food Sustainability Project as an official club have been largely inactive this year, there have been great improvements and incentives to reenergize the Columbia community towards sustainable food systems.

Columbia/Barnard students recently attended the Real Food Summit at Yale (Nov 3-4, 2007) and are working with dining services at each of the school to ensure better purchasing practices. We are also working with schools throughout New York City, aligning our visions and supporting eachother's efforts.

More specifically, we are collaborating with students at Teacher's College, the Mailman School for Public Health, Barnard Well-Woman + others to foster campus-wide support for education, transparency, and community.

The previous (ancient) post is not necessarily out of date when it states that you should contact me (Alison Powell) if you're interested in this movement at Columbia: Zoe Feldman, a graduate student interested in green roofs & gardens at Columbia, would also love to hear from you:

There are countless administration meetings, campus-wide events, potlucks, & parties where we can use YOUR help/contribution. Don't hesitate to find us, even if FSP is a lot less structured than it has been in the past.


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