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CUFSP Meeting Recap 4.24.08

CUFSP Meeting Update 4.24.08

Club Officers
Based on responses to Liz, club officers for next year are as follow:
Food Purchasing Coordinator—Liz
Garden Coordinator—Becky
Outreach Coordinator—Open
Publicity Coordinator—Channa
This means Liz and I will act as co-presidents for club governance purposes.

Specifics will be established in a meeting this Friday between Megan, Becky, Paula Lukats of Just Food, and Pam Koch of Teacher’s College Nutrition Dept. Let Megan McNally know if you are potentially interested in receiving a share:

Food Purchasing
- Local brunch at John Jay May 5th, local foods purchased through Sysco
- Liz is arranging to meet with Margaret Hoffman of the Greenmarket and Dining Services to discuss future local foods purchasing. Particular concerns are quantity and insurance.
- Liz is meeting with Ina Tsagarakis, Dining Services nutritionist, about food labeling and posting nutrition facts online.
- Plastic bags: If we write a resolution and collect as many endorsements as possible before the end of the year we can submit it to Joe Heavey and have plastic bags for take-out containers removed from John Jay! Channa is talking to a CCSC rep about the procedure for submitting a resolution and asking for CCSC’s endorsement. Other endorsements to ask for:
§ Ted/Rachel—SEEJ
§ Becky—CoreFoods, Green Umbrella, Barnard/CU EcoReps
§ Maddie—EarthCo
- Reusable containers for John Jay takeout: Liz will research this project this summer. This year, we need someone to create an online student survey to find out more about students’ use of take-out containers. VOLUNTEERS???
- Other notes:
o There will be a video displayed soon in John Jay showing how Dining Services works with City Harvest to distribute extra food produced by John Jay.
o Trayless Thursdays will be piloted in John Jay next year, to discourage people from taking too much food (then tossing it).
o Liz learned that currently our beef and chicken comes from Tyson and pork from Hatfield. For a good 6-minute primer on factory farm (i.e. Tyson) chicken, check out this video: You can also read more about Tyson here:

- Because we haven’t finished planting and haven’t set up irrigation, watering the plants consists of filling up a container with water from the Pupin bathroom and making a few trips back and forth to the garden site. I’ve been watering the herbs thus far—can someone volunteer to check the plants Friday and water them if necessary? It’s fun!
- This SATURDAY at 2pm we will be finishing the trellises, cleaning the compost bins, and doing a little weeding/garden maintenance. Come to Pupin Plaza to help out!
- Duties:
o Procure vegetable starts—Becky
o Seeds—Sarah
o Garden signs—Sarah
o Finances—Andrew
o Summer organizing—Kari
§ Summer plant monitor—Sarah
§ Summer garden point person—possibly Becky, but please let me know if you are interested in this position!
- Best of all—our final planting date will be May 10th at 3pm!
o Advertising—Channa and Brenden, will work with CoreFoods on fundraising/tabling on May 7th

Only a few more weeks to go! For those who can’t make it Saturday, we will meet again this Sunday at 8pm in Math 520.


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