Tuesday, January 6

Food Writing and Reading

Read below if you think you might be interested in writing about food for the Columbia Spectator, which is a great opportunity for the experienced and novice sustainable food advocate alike. Also, check out a recent op-ed from Wes Jackson and Wendell Berry, powerful voices for the sustainable food movement: http://www.nytimes.com/2009/01/05/opinion/05berry.html?_r=1&em.

My name is Devin Briski and I am the Spectator's newest Food & Drink editor. Spec A&E is currently looking for new writers for the Food & Drink section. I know you all love thinking and talking about food, so why not try writing about it? Perks of writing for Spec Food & Drink: your name in print; the opportunity to share opinions and cover trends in the NYC and Columbia food world; the opportunity to interview famous foodies and chefs of New York City; the possibility of free food and drinks and admission to food events; something to put on your resume if you wish to go into food-writing/the culinary world! We will have bi-weekly meetings (optional, but always with food) and lists of pitches sent out. If you decide to join the mailing list, you will receive food pitches you can pick up and run with, but you can also pitch me articles about food trends you wish to cover. Also, if formal journalism is not for you, we have an A&E blog where you can post short and sweet restaurant reviews/write about whatever you want. Email me for more information. dbriski13@gmail.com

Thank you so much for your interest! And I hope you all are having a relaxing holiday break!Devin--
Devin Briski
Food & Drink Editor
Columbia Daily Spectator
(650) 576-8270


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