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Check out Specialty Foods Sustainable/Sustainable Slow Foods Products from American Feast

"Fine Foods from America's Creative Kitchens and Family Farms delivered to your door!" 

Specialty Foods - American Feast

Dear Visitor,
Welcome to American Feast. Our new company is dedicated to presenting our customers with the best possible selection of specialty foods from all regions of the United States. We want to give our customers the best of American fare for the joy of home cooking and entertaining family and friends.
We believe that the great variety and superb quality of American foods deserve recognition among the world's best. Working to perfect our mix through an ongoing hunt for the best of American foods will continue for the life of our company. Cooking enthusiasts will find an entertaining mix of unique foods that are just not available at local stores. Along with offering very special foods we intend to provide our visitors with a continuous stream of useful information for preparing distinctive meals and selecting foods with great health benefits. 

American Feast champions food from sustainable farms over food from factories and slow food over fast food. The company seeks natural products from America's family farms and the family-owned businesses that create specialty foods from their own recipes. By working with entrepreneurial families the company delivers an imaginative mix from the bounty of American agriculture and culinary delights from the country's most creative kitchens. 

We are enthusiastic about steadily advancing our own knowledge of American foods by working with our Advisor Chef Jesse Frost, preparing meals, doing research, attending cooking classes and listening to our customers. If you would like to share some of your knowledge with us or make any comment on our offerings we'd love to hear from you. If you have something you want to share you can email me at

Thanks for visiting and have fun with some great American food!
Jeff Deasy
President & CEO


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