Monday, December 3

Real Food meeting notes + FSP revival (!!)

Yesterday, students from various colleges throughout New York state gathered to discuss ways to collaborate on Food Sustainability issues. The meeting was a huge success, and included at least five representatives from the Barnard/Columbia community.

Some highlights from the meeting:

- decision that the Real Food New York! group will meeting occasionally (1x / semester) and act as an open-source resource pool.

- special interest groups will meet more frequently to collaborate and help eachother with trouble-shooting (i.e. - people at various schools with interest in on-campus gardening, or problems with specific contracted companies, or interest in working with high school students would meet/correspond more regularly.)

- plans for creation of a TOOLKIT for new members as a tool for group sustainability and longevity

- creation of a website + blog + wiki (+ listserv)

- discussion with Tom Forster about opportunities to be involved in upcoming UN events focusing on agriculture and food security

- visits from Kerry Trueman & Matt Rosenberg ( and Bob Lewis (
Chief Marketing Representative. NYS Dept. of Agriculture)


Next event:

Wednesday December 12th, 2pm
Environmental Science Conference Room (4th Floor, Altschul - on Barnard's Campus)



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