Wednesday, February 20

Meeting Minutes 02/17

Food Services Meeting:

  • We get our food from Sysco corporation (eggs from New Jersey, milk from Queens, apples from Ithaca, baked goods locally baked)
  • Getting food directly from local farmers is problematic because they have no insurance or backing.
  • Contract for regular local meals
  • Chefs in John Jay could be interested
  • 13,000 on campus per day, 2,500 in John Jay.
  • Spent $5.5 mil last year and estimating $6 mil this year.
  • Nutritional info on food: portion size is a problem.

What do we want to propose to them?

  • Local café? One place selling more local products. Good menu needs to be thought up, esp for winter.
  • What do the labels mean, in J.J. – Sustainable, Organic, Local…
  • What are the conditions in the places that supply our dairy and eggs?
  • Local meal – good place to start. Biweekly local brunch.
  • Harvest dinners in Ferris and Hewitt – who organized it? How?
  • Wellwoman – perhaps work with them
  • Tzedek/Va’ad wants to co-sponsor a farm trip and could fund it potentially.
  • CSA for dorms?

To do list for next week:

  • Do we have to go through Sysco? à get in touch with Margaret Hoffman (insurance issues)
  • Talk to chefs – what can you serve for brunch this time of year?
  • Look into the meat – is it humanely raised? Talk to other groups about altering the meat-buying practices of food services.
  • Can we find out where the produce comes from? List from Jo
  • U Penn is switching to local. NYU local/organic dining. Yale local farm relationship. à look into them as examples/ models.


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