Tuesday, April 29

Meeting Recap 4.27.08

Still plenty of help needed to finish the garden within the next few weeks! Here's where
volunteers are needed:

TRELLIS BUILDING--this weekend, probably Sunday afternoon. Email me
(rmd2154@columbia.edu) with a good time window for you if you are available to take a
study break and help finish the trellises.

BUYING VEGETABLE STARTS-- Saturday May 10th, our planting date, I need 2 or 3 helpers to go to Union Square to buy vegetable starts in the morning. I can't carry them all alone!
If you can't help plant in the afternoon this would be a great opportunity to help out.

PLANTING VEGETABLE STARTS AND SEEDS, FINISHING GARDEN SET-UP-- May 10th, 3pm, is our current scheduled time to finish planting starts and seeding the garden (email me if this time does not work for you). We also need to set up the benches and compost bins.

Plant watering schedule:

Wed 4/30-Liz
Fri 5/2-Andrew
Sun 5/4-Sarah
Tues 5/6-Liz
Thurs 5/8-Julie
Sat 5/10-Ted
Mon 5/12-Hannah P.
Wed 5/14-Becky
Fri 5/16-Maddie

Reminder: email Kari (kmh2121@columbia.edu) if you will be around this summer and want to
help maintain the garden.

Reminder: Monday May 5th there will be a local foods brunch in John Jay! Thanks to Liz
and Julie for their work with Dining Services to make this happen. I encourage everyone
to go!

Plastic take-out bags report: Inquiring about resolution process.

Reusable take-out containers report: Liz is receiving the samples and creating a survey
to monitor take-out use among students.

Stop by the garden if you haven't recently to see the tiny red buds of the tangerine sage plant in the left-side plot and don't hesitate to smell the leaves. They're tantalizing!


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