Thursday, July 10

CSAs, Work Party, and Take Back the Tap

Saturday there will be a work party at 10:30am! Come help stake tomatoes, spread mulch, weed, set up signs, thin seedlings, and clean up the garden.

Also check out this recent article about the rise in CSAs (community supported agriculture) across the country, which quotes Paula Lukats of NYC nonprofit Just Food. Paula helped CUFSP set up the Morningside Heights CSA, which will proudly deliver pre-sold shares of Norwich Meadows Farm produce for eight weeks in the fall. Thanks to Barnard junior Megan McNally for organizing the Morningside Heights CSA and for Columbia Dining Services for making the deliveries possible!

Lastly, if you're interested in water issues such as the preponderance of bottled water and what that means for the millions of people without access to clean water, read below for information on how to get involved with the Food & Water Watch 'Take Back the Tap' campaign:

We are looking for activists and students who are interested in organizing around the issue of of WATER ACCESS, which is a critical issue right now globally and nationally. We'd love some of your skills, energy, and participation in this campaign! I think it will be lots of fun, and a good learning experience for any organizer because we will be working with the press,the community, local officials.

If this campaign sounds like something you might want to get involved in, I would love to work with you! Also, if you know anyone else in the New York area who is around and might be interested, please forward them this email or give me their contact information and I will get in touch with them myself.

Best, Rachael
Take Back the Tap NYC Organizer
Food and Water Watch
Phone: 415.279.2138


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