Thursday, June 26

Garden Update & Work Party Saturday

We had a great work party Tuesday, the largest so far since we tilled the soil. It’s amazing how much we can accomplish with so many hands to help out. I can’t wait to see the squash plants sprout (soon) and the fruit bushes grow (over time), and I can tell the tomatoes are much happier being upright rather than falling on top of themselves. Plus we finally moved the bench to the back of the west plot, which really makes the garden a public space for everyone to enjoy.

Please note the new calendar in the sidebar to the right. It lists garden work times/dates and other relevant events. The next work party will be this Saturday from 1 to 3pm when the garden will be photographed by professional photographer Diego Heckadon, who is taking pictures of community gardens all over the city.

The tasks this weekend will include:
-Painting signs
-Building a melon trellis
-Creating paths
-Mulching (tentative)

I’m currently researching ground cover/ornamental plants for the shady area in the back of the west plot. If you have ideas for types of ground cover or seed resources please let me know.

Also, if you want to add to the sitting area in anyway—garden/path tiles, birdhouse—feel free to put your creative faculties to work in beautifying the space. If you come up with a group project I can post it on the calendar.

6/28: If you would prefer to learn more about compost this Saturday, the Lower East Side Ecology Center is hosting a free Compost Site Grand Opening & Workshop from 1-3pm at the Rodale Community Garden, 437-39 E 114th btw. 1st Ave. and Pleasant Ave.:
“See different types of compost bins at this new compost demo site sponsored by New York Restoration Project, and learn how to compost in your backyard or community garden.”

6/29: This Sunday the New Amsterdam Market, a public indoor local/sustainable foods market at South Street Seaport that will eventually operate year round, will be open from 11am to 4pm. See the link below if you are interested in attending.


Blogger Louisa said...

Hey Columbia Food Sustainability Project!
Congratulations on getting such a beautiful garden growing. I'm writing a manual about how to start a college garden for the Real Food Challenge, and I'm looking for photos to accompany the text. Lots of the manual regards starting up, so I'd love to use some of your photos -- but I can't use photos from online because they're too low resolution. But if you email the photos to me, I could definitely use them. So, if you get the chance, send some photos my way! I'd love to incorporate them into the manual.
Happy planting,

2:42 PM  
Blogger nill said...

I'm an undergrad at CU and I was wondering if you guys will be composting for the garden. I imagine that the various eateries on campus...John Jay, JJ's Place, Ferris, and the grad school cafes throw out a lot of nutrient rich trash every day. Perhaps this could be composted and given (or sold) back to the university to use for their various planting schemes that they have all around campus. We re-sod the grass about 594859465 times a year...maybe with some proper could be less?


10:18 PM  

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