Friday, May 23

Garden Photos and Op-Ed

High prices making you worry? On the local, sustainable food front, the high costs are starting to reflect the real price of a cheap, industrial, fossil fuel-based food system, which actually favors local foods for their relatively less energy and capital-intensive production. In other words, the economics are catching up to the realities of unsubsidized, equitable agriculture (though with the recent override of Bush's veto of the farm bill, there will still be plenty of money lavished on industrial farms). Read this op-ed from the NY Times to see why current economics can benefit the local foood movement and spur an overhaul of the status quo to the benefit of farmers and consumers. Note a crucial outcome of this: better tasting food.

Also, check out these great pictures of the garden and our trip to the Union Square Greenmarket to buy organic, heirloom vegetable starts from Trina Pilonero of Silver Heights Farm Nursery in Cohection Center, NY. Thanks to Teacher's College student Colin Schumacher for the photos. Colin is also managing the vegetable planters at TC on the north side of 120th Street.

The herb garden in the east plot

Edible flowers

The homemade trellis.

Tangerine sage, the star of the west plot.


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