Saturday, May 3

UN Commission on Sustainable Development Food Conferences

Register for City Farm Linkages Learning Event Sunday May 11 at Teachers College

The global food crisis, climate change and sustainable agriculture are among the many topics that will be addressed by leaders of farmers, women, indigenous peoples, trade union, youth and other major groups of civil society around the world. Representatives of civil society and government delegations will share their reflections on the first week of the UN Commission on Sustainable Development and debate the way forward for food and farming systems of the world.

The City and Farm Linkages Showcase for CSD puts the best of New York and US food and farming system innovations on display as part of hosting and learning from equally creative food and farm movements around the world! You are invited to actively participate in a day-long symposium at Teachers College, with plenary and workshop sessions described in the program now available [this file was too large for one of the lists. If it didn't go through - email me. I'll send it to you]. Translation into French and Spanish will be provide in plenary sessions. A sack lunch and beverages will also be provided.

To register for the free learning event, go to

The deadline for registration is Thursday, May 8. The Showcase reception on Friday May 9 and the two City and Farm bus tours on May 10 are full, but the market tour on Saturday and the learning event on Sunday are still open.

Other ways you can participate related to the UN Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD) meetings from May 5-16:

Volunteers are needed for Sunday's event to help with registration and display areas. For more information and to sign up, contact Lillian Dunn, <>

If you are a food media professional, writer or journalist, and wish to join our UN food media team, contact Tabitha Alterman, Mother Earth News, at tabitha Alterman <>

If you would like to join a nimble team of food rapporteurs, or "CSD rappers" from New York who will be capturing the common themes for Sunday's learning event, contact Ryan Wood at <>

If your organization can help make copies for the program packets before Thursday, May 8, contact Thomas Forster at

You can follow what is going on at the UN CSD meetings by logging onto where links to daily news, blogs and other resources will be posted.


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