Wednesday, April 30

Norwich Meadows CSA Share

For CUFSP members, groupies, and the Columbia/Morningside community at large, we have a great opportunity for you to sign up for a CSA (community supported agriculture) share!

Here's the deal:You (and maybe a friend, depending on how often you cook and how many vegetables you eat) pay $140 up front, then in the fall you will receive 8 weeks of great, local produce raised by Zaid Kurdieh, a farmer who owns Norwich Meadows Farm, located near Binghamton, NY. You can learn more about his farm, his beliefs, and his products here:

The exact location of the produce pick-ups is yet to be established, however it will be convenient for Columbia students, either on campus or at a nearby establishment. Produce will be delivered every Thursday and you will be able to pick up your share during a scheduled pick-up time (to be determined based on CSA shareholders' availability). One share will have 6-8 items, and one item could be a head of lettuce, a bunch of carrots, a couple eggplants, a few potatoes, etc. Farm-fresh, sustainably-grown, and locally-produced--does it get any better? Oh wait, it does! There will also be the option of purchasing addtional goods such as halal chicken, maple syrup, and dairy products on an occasional basis.

Interested? Email Megan McNally at and let her know you'd like a share. A possible farm visit and cooking tips will be part of the package as well, for those who are interested! Tell your friends!


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