Friday, September 12

Meeting Minutes 9.10.08

CUFSP Meeting Minutes 09.09.08

Current Projects
1. Community Garden in Pupin Plaza (Matthew Shapero
· Weeding
· Watering
· Vegetable picking
· Replanting for fall growing season
· Grant applications to sustain garden
· Get permission to use a greenhouse in Schermerhorn in the winter (Abi Cohen
· Planning what to plant in spring
· Selling vegetables at Core Foods organic Co-op (in JJ’s Place)

2. Public House Community Garden (Becky Davies
· Sponsored by Center for Urban Research and Policy and Prof Venkatesh
· Grant Houses are located on 123-125th Street at Amsterdam
· Fundraising and Grant applications
· Planning design of the plots and what vegetables to grow (Fall)
· Planting starts, seeds with community residents (Spring)
· Fieldtrips with children from Daycare
o Apple Picking Trip in October
o Urban Farm Visit in the fall

3. CSA - Community Supported Agriculture (Megan McNally
· Volunteers need for CSA pickup on Thursdays though the fall
· Spring ’09 CSA coordinator needed

4. Food Purchasing for Dining Halls (Liz Alloco
· Helping to change what food is purchased for the dining halls, emphasis on local, organic and fair trade
· Real Food Challenge (Allison Powell nationwide campaign for college campus dining halls to purchase local food: Nationwide goal: 20% of all food purchased is local
· Advertising/raising awareness about local food at John Jay
· Creating a local foods marketing campaign à Discover where the food comes from
· Reusable food containers for takeout
· Current status of John Jay: No trays or plastic bags available

5. Food Composting
· 2 garbage bins at the garden used for compost
· More help needed à possible getting the dining halls to compost

6. Chicken Coop (Maddie Sparer
· Space for coop would be behind the Office of Environmental Stewardship (115th between Bdway and Riverside)
· Obtaining permission to access the space (extra challenge will be access outside of business hours as building is shared by Budget Office as well)
· Building the chicken coop
· Implementation in Spring ‘09

7. Speaker Series on Sustainable Food
· Attracting famous speakers to speak at CU
· Events with other student groups on campus


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