Thursday, January 8

Urban Ag Opportunities

NYC Nonprofit Farm-- Garden Manager & Two Apprenticeships
Queens County Farm Museum, a 47 acre educational farm and visitor center in Queens, NY, seeks to hire:

(1) Garden/Market Manager -- work with agricultural director to manage 2+ acre vegetable garden, greenhouses, and cold frames in four-season growing program; work with apprentices and youth programs; assist in developing livestock program; manage farmers markets in NYC (up to 2 markets/week); contribute to value-added product line. Required: 3 years organic farming experience. Livestock experience a plus (chickens, turkeys, ducks, goats, sheep, cows); experience in diverse, urban setting; must be able to work with the public (farm receives over 300,000 visitors yearly). ~60 hours/week plus during high season. Year-round salaried position plus benefits. Early 2009, start date flexible.

(2) Garden Apprenticeship -- March-November apprenticeship working on two acre vegetable garden; work with livestock; must be able to work one weekend/month, attend farmer's markets as necessary. Seeking apprentice with one year experience in vegetable farming, an interest in adding livestock experience. Willing to train inexperienced but hard-working and determined person. A plus if interested in developing value-adds to our farm goods in commercial kitchen. ~50 hours/week. Educational opportunities + $1500/month stipend.

(3) Vineyard Apprenticeship -- March--November apprenticeship working on 1.5 acre vineyard. Vineyard is in its 5th year; apprentice works with vineyard manager and agricultural director. Will be primary vineyard worker; hard-working, attentive, independent worker a must. Work with livestock and in vegetable garden as needed. Must be flexible in hours, work weekends once each month, attend farmer's markets. ~50 hours/week. Educational opportunities, Long Island vineyard visits, $1500/month stipend.

Please no phone calls, send letters of interest and resume to Michael Grady Robertson:
Michael Grady Robertson Queens County Farm Museum


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