Monday, September 19

White Roof Project - event this Sunday

Dear Blog Friends,

White Roof Project has an exciting event this Sunday. I hope that you might be interested in posting it - or something about our work or the concept - on your blog.  Learn more about us HERE.

This Sunday, September 25th, White Roof Project, Fourth Arts Block, Cooper Square Mutual Housing Associate, Local 94 and other partners will put the second layer of 90% solar reflective white coating down on over 35,000 square feet of roof space at East 3rd and 4th Streets at Bowery as part of the creation of an environmental model block project to make the Lower East Side smarter and more sustainable.  The "model block" includes over twenty nonprofit, cooperatively owned low-income housing buildings and art spaces. This project will lower energy bills for low-income residents and could potentially reduce the ambient air temperature on the entire block. It is part of White Roof Project's effort to reduce stress on our power grid and combat the Urban Heat Island effect, which is a function of climate change as well as our urban lifestyle. This is the first model block of its kind in New York City.

On Monday, August 22nd, we put the first layer of solar-reflective white coating down on the model block. Check out our pictures and a time series slide show. Read some of the great press we received HERE, HERE and HERE.

Heather B. James
Executive Director | White Roof Project
610 864 1194 | @roofproject


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