Wednesday, October 8

Meeting and Updates

The recent garden produce sale grossed $81.50 we can recycle back into garden work! Also, we're told leftover CSA produce is selling well at CoreFoods, contributing more to CUFSP' s solvency.

Don't miss out on tonight's CUFSP meeting!
We'll be digging in to winter garden planning and joining garden and advocacy forces to make our efforts more effective.

Be there:
Wednesday, 9pm, Hamilton 303

Grant Houses Garden participants will be discussing grant applications, rescheduling the youth trips, connecting with residents, planning the communal meal, and discussing garden design issues.

Also, keep note that October 14th is a Harvest Dinner of local foods at Barnard, and the next three Saturdays the Barnard EcoReps will be leading tours of NYC Greenmarkets.

Lastly, check out this article about how a Vermont town is experiencing a resurgence through cooperative efforts to develop their local foods system. It's food and economics at its finest.


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