Friday, April 15

Meeting with Chef Chris and Dietician Susie

Hey you all--

The meeting with Chris and Susie went great. They are still enthusiastic about sustainable food and also asked for our help with some of the projects they wanted to pursue. Some highlights:

1. Follow up on Experience Local Food
a. Feeback: Chef Chris really positive, made lots of contact with distributors and suppliers. People have contacted him after hearing what Columbia had done.

b. Pricing of food- Some stuff was expensive, the pork for example, but some of the local stuff was the same price as regular things we get usually. Golden potatoes and root vegetables.

2. Next year
a. Waste disposal campaign at JJ. The next thing they want to do, need our help as a student group. Making posters, doing weight audits for the cafeteria. Susie will contact us about it.

b. Sustainability position in JJ. Again, supportive of it, don't have too much sway, up to Larry for the most part.

3. Cornell's Farm to school Bulletin.

a. Susie's submitting information about the event and about our group for the next issue. We need to give her three sentences about the group before Monday. I'll do it now.

That's it! They were supportive, Chef Chris eager to have people over the summer help with contacts, etc. Tim to talk about waste management when he goes to visit Yale this weekend.




Blogger tim said...

stellar posting coogan.

6:43 PM  
Blogger visnja said...

ditto. way to use the blog!

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