Wednesday, June 18

Article and Photos

First, an interesting article on food, population, resources, and consumption, from the NYTimes Week in Review: Malthus Redux

Second, garden pictures!

East plot facing east

East plot facing north, view of trellised tomatoes and beans and new strawberries in back containers (mint is in the near containers)

West plot with new garden signs and cilantro that's bolted, meaning we can soon harvest coriander seed

Lettuce and radishes ready for harvest

Harvested radish

Lettuce, radish, and fennel salad, all from the garden!

Sunday, June 15

List of Garden Plants

Here's a list of all the plants in the garden as of today, but as gardens go, the list is always changing:

Bronze Fennel
Rosemary (2)
Tangerine Sage
Tri-Color Sage
Cilantro (Coriander)
Heartsease (Johnny Jump-Up) (2)
Lemon Balm (2)
Variegated Oregano
Hot and Spicy Oregano
French Tarragon
Lemon Gem Marigold (2)
Deep Purple Bunching Onion
Lemon Thyme (4)
Golden Oregano (2)
Calendula (2)
Spanish Spearmint (2)
He-Shi-Ko Bunching Onion
Bulgarian Giant Leek
Pascal Celery (2)
Purple of Romagna Artichoke
Imperial Star Globe Artichoke
January King Cabbage
Piracicabi Broccoli
Natalino Romanesco Broccoli
Siberian Kale
Dwarf Gary Sugar Pea
Etruria Genovese Basil
Alexandria Alpine Strawberry (4)
Criolla Sella Hot Pepper
‘Napoleon Sweet’ Sweet Pepper
Tangerine Pimento Pepper
Caribbean Red Hot Pepper
Quadrato Asti Giallo Sweet Pepper
Bonny Best Tomato
Juane Flamme Tomato
Black Prince Tomato
Turkish Italian Orange Eggplant
Italian Pink Bi-Color Eggplant
Tiger Eye Bush Bean (3)
Green Grape Tomato
Koralik Tomato
Beam’s Yello Pear Tomato

Pictures soon! And a fruit garden is in the works for the west plot.