Wednesday, January 19

USDA Fires Organic Farming Specialist for Expressing Opinions

Jeff Deasy, owner of American Feast (a sustainable foods business and website), has just written an articel for AlterNet, entitled "USDA Fires Organic Farming Specialist for Expressing Opinions." He brought 20 years of experience in organic farming to his government service and he had played a key role in the development of the USDA's organic standards.

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We are excited to invite Jeff to come speak with the club about his experience running an eco-friendly business! Stay tuned for more info.

10 Foodie Subcultures

It's our natural instinct to crave and adore food, but some people have a greater affinity for the items that nourish our bodies more than others. We call these people foodies. Foodies are food aficionados, who love to eat, cook, study and talk about food on the regular. Foodies often fit into their own subculture of enthusiasts, who share a similar likening for a particular cuisine, drink or diet. Check out these 10 foodie subcultures that are truly fascinating:
  1. Locavores: Locavores are foodies who strive to eat only foods grown locally, specifically within a 100-mile radius of their home. Locavores believe that buying local and/or organic food is better for your health, the environment and it supports local businesses. It originally began as a San Francisco-area challenge, but has recently been adopted by people around the country as a healthier and more responsible way of eating. Locavores encourage people to shop at farmers' markets before going to grocery stores can, and, if you're going to go out to eat, then choose restaurants that use local foods in their dishes.
  2. Raw Foodists: Raw foodism is a fascinating diet and foodie subculture that promotes eating uncooked food for optimal health benefits. Those who follow the raw food diet stand by the scientific findings that cooking destroys enzymes and nutrients in food. Their diet consists of 75 to 100 percent live, organic uncooked and unprocessed foods, including raw meat, vegetables, fruits and dairy. This foodie subculture is particularly fascinating because they strive to eat food in its purest state and have reverted back to a primal diet.
  3. Adventurous Eaters: Adventurous eaters, like the Gastronauts club, aren't afraid to eat weird foods from around the world. These brave souls scope out the rarest and most peculiar foods they can find and eat what most people wouldn't dare touch. This foodie subculture is truly fascinating because they display an open-mindedness and willingness to try all types of food, regardless if it crawls or not.
  4. Road Trips for Foodies: These foodies combine their love for traveling and food by hitting the road to find the best eats around the country and the world. Whether they are traveling to Portugal for chocolate, England for ales or to Canada for bannock, this foodie subculture goes far and wide to eat well. Road Trips for Foodies and other traveling foodie clubs are fascinating because they love food so much that they will plan a whole trip around eating.
  5. State Fair Food: From corn dogs, fried Twinkies to funnel cakes, state fair food has been a fan favorite among kids, families and even foodies. From a culinary perspective, state fairs produce some of the most innovative and creative foods around the country. Foodies who crave some nostalgia can get their fix eating their favorite childhood snacks while playing games and riding rollercoasters.
  6. Competitive Eaters: Stuffing your mouth full of hot dogs, meatballs and hot wings may not seem like a typical foodie event, but these competitors, and those who watch them, love food to the extreme. Sure, they are competing for cash prizes and the bragging rights, but this subculture of foodies has a deep appreciation for food, digestion and the sport of eating.
  7. Fruitarians: Fruitarians practice a vegan diet that consists of only eating fruits, nuts, seeds, vegetables and grains. Fruitarians tend to have different definitions and practices. For example, some fruitarians only eat foods that fall naturally from a plant, while others do not eat grains because they think it's unnatural. This unique foodie subculture is fascinating because they are truly in tune with what they are eating and how it affects their body.
  8. International Chili Society: Chili cookoffs are no joke to the International Chili Society. Not only does the ICS host and judge the biggest and best chili cookoffs and festivals in the world, but they also foster new business opportunities and promote the cooking and enjoyment of chili around the world. These diehard foodies have to be commended for their competitive spirit and undying love for a good bowl of chili.
  9. Micro Beer Club: Even though beer is not a food, its fans would beg to differ. Not only is beer one of the world's oldest alcoholic beverages, but it has a following unlike any other food group. Beer lovers around the world attend breweries, beer festivals and are beer club members so they can share their knowledge and love for beer with others. The Micro Beer Club even sends members different beers to try every month to expand their tastes and keep them up to date on the latest beer crazes.
  10. National Barbeque Association: The National Barbeque Association is home to a community of BBQ fanatics who want to share their love for this finger lickin' good stuff. These foodies also have a genuine interest in the BBQ business and how the delicious food impacts communities around the country. As with chili, barbeque cookoffs are nationwide and draw huge crowds of foodies who want to try all the rubs, marinades and sauces known to mankind.