Friday, August 20

You win some, you lose some...

...but luckily for us, most of our crops have been a success this summer!

Here are some pictures that I've taken of the garden and our crops throughout July & August, enjoy!

Also, see below for a full garden update and announcements about future events.

Yoni with his victory garlic and onion, it was our first time planting garlic, and it turned out great!

what a great pair :)

black beauty

sweet, sweet CORN (fertilized with vermi-compost, NOT anhydrous ammonia :))
prize carrots (red dragon and orange)

a whole, well-balanced meal that Mara and I prepared after a work day in the garden! Corn, beans, kale, chard, garlic, and onion -- all we needed was a splash of olive oil, and our meal was complete :)

Curly Kale, one of our most plentiful crops of the season

One of the many beautiful Zinnea varieties

cherry tomatoes, on the vine

Garden Updates:

1) We will be innoculating logs with our Shiitake mushroom plug spawn, next week during our NSOP garden work days!

2) We've recently started adding garden waste (tops of root crops, prunings, etc) to our new compost bin, and we will notify when we are ready to invite students to add their food scraps.

3) We are experimenting with seed saving this season, and so far have harvested a bounty of sunflower seeds, corn kernels, pepper seeds, and are going to harvest basil seeds, and mustard seeds soon!

On a sadder note ... we've experienced a repeated act of "vandalism" the past few weeks in the garden -- the hose has been found left running in a corner in the northeast plot, which both wastes water, and floods the garden bed (this can lead to fungus, mildew, rot and other diseases).

If you did this (by mistake or otherwise) please know that it is not beneficial for the garden, or sustainable for the planet!

On that note, if anyone is passing by the garden and notices this, please be kind enough to shut off the water spigot, thanks so much!

Also, we have had difficulty with our broccoli and cauliflower crops (they are not producing flowers in the center -- the part that is edible) -- if anyone has information on how we can mitigate this, please advise! Thanks!

Late next week (Friday perhaps), and daily the week of Sunday, August 29th (NSOP week), we will be having garden work days in order to welcome the new students to campus, during which we will:
-innoculate logs
-harvest seeds
-plant Arugula and Winter Squash!
-paint sign to put near hose
-repair our Garden Rules sign
-tend to compost?

I will post more details shortly, when we know the specifics! It should be either morning or evening work days (about 2 hours per day), so that we beat the heat!

Peace, love, and gardens,


Sunday, August 15

Our blog was listed in an article on the top 100 green blogs for students!

Here's a link to the rest of the article, if you want to check out any of the other 99 blogs!