Thursday, March 26

Compost? Topsoil?

Jackson and I have been racking our brains as to what the heck is the difference between topsoil and compost. Finally, per email correspondance, someone has given us an answer. Feel free to add to this explanation:

"As per your question, compost-enriched topsoil is not a replacement to compost, but in this case will probably serve you better. While one normally adds compost to topsoil to add nutritive organic matter, topsoil has bits of rock and other grit that creates a firm growing substrate; compost is too soft and nutrient-rich to be used on its own. Most likely, since this soil is of high quality/organic matter, you will not need to use compost with it. (In subsequent years, of course, you will want to add compost as a means of replacing the nutrients lost by growing plants in the soil. This won't be a problem, because you'll have tons of compost from your gardening effort!)
As far as potting soil -- that's just what it sounds like, a lighter, less dense version of topsoil that allows good air flow to plant roots and excellent drainage. If your group is planning to use earthboxes or any kind of containers, I'd suggest picking this up, it can be pricey to buy from nurseries."

Wednesday, March 25

Economics of Gardening

Fascinating article about the financial incentives of growing one's own food.

Proposed Food Safety Act

For those of you concerned about this act but do not know much about what it is, here are a few places that offer some insight regarding what it does and why it may be unnecessary (even dangerous). This is by no means comprehensive--please post more

From OCA (Organic Consumers Association):

From a farmer's blog:

Open Congress offers an interactive text of the bill where you can click on individual comments about each of the sections:

Tuesday, March 24

Volunteer Needed This Weekend!

If you are over 25 and have a driver's license....please consider volunteering for CUFSP this weekend. We are in desperate need of someone to drive to long island either thursday afternoon or more likely sunday morning.

We can provide a small monetary compensation for those of you brazen enough to make this trip, and of course we will bake you some cookies ;) to take with you on your journey.....

You'll also get to be proud that you've helped a great group of committed students in our small but important efforts to expand awareness of food sustainability.

Please contact me (Erin) ASAP at 707-332-1967 if you can help us out with this!

Food Film Fest April 11

Online Farmer's Market Purchasing


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Sunday, March 22

Creating a Graywater System!

Trathen Heckman, who constructed the first permitted household greywater system in Sonoma County describes everything you need to know about greywater systems!