Friday, July 2

Garden Update!

Dear garden lovers,

I just got back to NY after being away for ~1 month, and I am amazed at how big the garden is getting!! I wanted to post some pictures to show you all some of the progress this season, and let everyone know I will be working in the garden for an impromptu work day tomorrow (Saturday July 3rd) at 12:00 to ~3 pm! Feel free to stop by if you can, but if not, I will be posting a list of more tasks / things to harvest so you an come by on your free time.

Here are some pics:

Some tomatoes, eggplants, basil, sunflowers, and 3-sisters!

Herb garden!

Beautiful insect- attracting flowers (including calendula & argostemma) around a tomato plant

do your job bee! :)

One of our potato towers is showing some nice growth!

The first few zucchini of the year

3 sisters ... these have a special popping corn variety!

More herbs .. get some edible chamomile flowers while they're here! they are great in salads or tea!

(Me and Stephanie basking in the garden's glory)

Hope to see you soon! Enjoy the beautiful weather we've been having :)

Peace & Love,