Wednesday, July 22

Garden Updates!

Hey guys, the garden is looking great, but as always, there's plenty of work to be done
Do some work on your own, or come to the organized work days

The next work day is this Sunday, July 26th, at 12:00 PM!

Here is a list of some of the tasks that need to be done:
-big lettuce heads, and remove (this is important, as they are getting bitter)
-beans (pull individual stems off of plant to allow for new growth)
-tomatoes and peppers as they become ripe (cut off with scissors or pruner)
-broccoli before the buds open
-radish (when it gets to 1 inch in diameter)
-beets (when they are at least 2 inches in diameter)
-herbs, as needed, make sure plant is at least 6 inches tall
-swiss chard (pull outer leaves off, or harvest entire plant while leaving the center heart)
-raspberries and strawberries, make sure they are fully ripe!
-thin carrots (and eat, of course!)

-all three plots, focusing on the north east plot
-always focus on areas near vegetable plantings
-when you aren't sure if something is a weed, it's better to be safe than sorry

3)Plant Fall Crops in open spaces after harvesting lettuce, etc, and mark planted area:
late July:
broccoli raab
chinese cabbage
mustard greens
swiss chard

broccoli raab
chinese cabbage
mustard greens

*note: We have some of these seeds, in a bag in one of the sheds to the right of the Pupin entrance. But we need to acquire the rest of them, from volunteers (you guys), farmers at the farmers market, and seed companies who might be willing to send older seeds that they are not selling any more.*

4) help compost! mix dry materials like shredded newspaper and brown paper into the back compost bin, which is way too wet. The best thing to do is probably to dump it out on a tarp, mix it up with the dry materials, and then put it back in the bin.

5) remove aphids on artichoke ( If not successful, remove artichoke plant.

We encourage you to get out there and get some of this stuff done individually, on your free-time, or come to the next work session at the garden, this SUNDAY AT 12 PM!

Also, here are some pics from a work day a few weeks ago:
Becky and Luisa, pulling out the Mustard Greens

Luisa's mom Amy, attacking the weeds!

Nicole and Noah take on the north east plot!

Hard work pays off!

Beautiful tomatoes..

And a pepper too!

My favorite sunflower!