Friday, September 26

Garden Work Party

Come join CUFSP this Sunday for a garden work party extravaganza! We'll be clearing the old and planting the last crop anew before the season closes out.

When: Sunday Sep 28th, 9am for early birds, 11am for late risers
Where: Columbia Community Garden, Pupin Plaza
Who: CUFSP members + the Columbia community at large!
What: Planting, harvesting (for sale), turning soil, etc.

We hope to see you there!

Monday, September 22


This seems to be the future, dudes and dudettes. Permaculture is a movement started by Bill Mollison. check these out:

and Sustainable South Bronx has GreenRoofs!!:

wanna be involved with CUFSP's Greenhouse Coalition? Bringing local food into the 21st century with aquaponics and hydroponic technologies!!