Monday, January 26

Meeting Times

The Grant Houses Community Garden project group will hold it's first meeting:

January 27th, 2009
Kent 405

The general club meeting for CUFSP will occur as follows:

January 28th, 2009
9:15pm--Anyone interested in discussing the Real Food Conference and/or work with Dining Services to improve on campus sustainable food options and outreach
10pm--Garden discussion
Hamilton 306
Feel free to come for the first part, the last part, or all if you are interested.

Lastly, check out this recent Green Inc. Blog Post on the gardening movement here and abroad!

Sunday, January 25


This is who I was referring to as a possible speaker. Below is his website.

We dig gardens

Hey all!

Great meeting earlier! If you weren't at the meeting tonight, pick an item from the list below and learn about it! Wednesday we will share our research and draw up a plan for the spring. Hopefully after wednesday night we will be able to purchase seeds and start growing "starts" in the greenhouse. When researching, keep in mind the following:

Sun needs (does it grow well/poorly in shady spots?)
timeline for New York State/NYC (planting, germination, harvesting etc.)
Soil Ph (acidity & any special needs)
Spacing of plants (and any ingenious ways to maximize space)
Companion planting (does it work well with any particular plants)

Here is the list of who is responsible for researching what (sorry if I misspell your names)

Flowers: danielle & ariana
Cucumbers: abi
Lettuce: danielle
tomatoes: christina
rhubarb: danielle
berries: erin
fennel: beckie
broccoli: greg & tabitha
spinach: jackson
radish: jackson
beets: jackson
mushrooms: erin, tabitha
berbs: jess
onions & potatoes:
beans: jackson, greg
eggplant: christina
peppers: jess
Compost & soil: jiwad
Double-digging & raised beds: alicia
Zucchini: erin
carrots: ariana

Yay! See you all wednesday hopefully at 10 in hamilton (we shouldn't have a problem, but if we cannot change the room it will be at 9). E-mail me if you have staunch opposition to meeting that late (10) but we changed the time to accomodate the metrotones ladies ;)

Peace & good food,