Friday, December 2

Composting Instructings - Bins are up and running at the garden!

What to compost
What not to compost
·        Plant based food scraps (including grains) or trimmings
·        Cleaned and crushed up egg shells
·        Coffee grounds and tea bags
·        Leaves, twigs, hay
·        Animal bedding

·           Meat
·   Dairy products
·   Grease, fats or oils
·  Plastic, glass, metal
·  Paper
·  Thick Cores/Skins
(corn cobs,watermelon
husks, etc)
After adding compostable materials, if possible, add some “browns” or dry plant material such as leaves and twigs near the bins. Also, be sure to mix in your compost with the rest of the bins contents. If the bins are full, DO NOT leave food scraps on the ground near the bins, please save in your freezer.
Please and thank you,
Columbia Food Sustainability Project