Saturday, December 8

David Morris Article

There are countless articles supporting supporting the sustainable food movement, but I've found David Morris's contribution particularly helpful.

"Is Eating Local the Best Choice?"

(This is the "prettiest" version I could find; originally posted at AlterNet.)

Tuesday, December 4

Spec article

Green Eating Habits Mean More Than Just Broccoli

By Mackenzie Yang

Columbia Spectator

Monday, December 3

Real Food meeting notes + FSP revival (!!)

Yesterday, students from various colleges throughout New York state gathered to discuss ways to collaborate on Food Sustainability issues. The meeting was a huge success, and included at least five representatives from the Barnard/Columbia community.

Some highlights from the meeting:

- decision that the Real Food New York! group will meeting occasionally (1x / semester) and act as an open-source resource pool.

- special interest groups will meet more frequently to collaborate and help eachother with trouble-shooting (i.e. - people at various schools with interest in on-campus gardening, or problems with specific contracted companies, or interest in working with high school students would meet/correspond more regularly.)

- plans for creation of a TOOLKIT for new members as a tool for group sustainability and longevity

- creation of a website + blog + wiki (+ listserv)

- discussion with Tom Forster about opportunities to be involved in upcoming UN events focusing on agriculture and food security

- visits from Kerry Trueman & Matt Rosenberg ( and Bob Lewis (
Chief Marketing Representative. NYS Dept. of Agriculture)


Next event:

Wednesday December 12th, 2pm
Environmental Science Conference Room (4th Floor, Altschul - on Barnard's Campus)