Monday, April 6

Farmworkers' Rights

We had our second garden work day this part Sunday, on what turned out to be a glorious, warm(ish) spring day, quite in contrast to the wet weather volunteers braved last weekend!

Also, keep April 18th and April 25th on your calendar. That's when we'll be building the new garden at the Grant Houses, a public housing development up the road.

For now, take a moment to read this recent NY Times editorial, pressing the need for legislation that ensures farmworker rights and humane treatment. As the article notes, the injustices that affect thousands of farmworkes now are remnants of prejudicial law set in place during the New Deal Era. Yikes!

Farm Workers' Rights, 70 Years Overdue

If you want to get involved in lobbying for food purchasing at Columbia that supports farmworkers' rights, please contact Kate Redburn,