Friday, October 15


Hey everyone,
We need your help this Sunday, from 10am-1pm, for one of our final workdays of the season!

List of Tasks:
-Planting our cover crops (Austrian Snow Peas, Hairy Vetch, Winter Rye)
-Planting garlic (to be harvested next summer)
-Making a Scarecrow! Bring CLOTHES to donate to him! (Pants, boots, straw hat?)
-Building a lid for our outdoor compost bin/attaching a latch for the door
-Making a permanent sign for the garden, that will be securely staked into the ground
-Harvesting lots and lots of herbs and broccoli!

This workday will also be a Potluck
The forecast says 67 and Sunny, so come enjoy one of the last warm days of the year at the garden! :)
Hope to see you soon, for part, or all of the event.



Wednesday, October 13

Check out, a "hub for striking and fun ideas that make a green difference"!

CUFSP has been invited to share our own ideas/videos on the site, so keep this in mind as we proceed with all of our awesome projects this year!

Here's some more information about the site:
"Want to learn how to build a house out of six million empty beer bottles or grill a
chicken in 14 minutes using only mirrors? Then come to, a global environmental
communication portal launched by Panasonic as part of its commitment to promote the power of
ideas and to accelerate the shift to greener lifestyles.

Learn how your everyday lifestyle choices impact the environment and make a difference by joining
other like-minded individuals and undertaking eco-actions. See the impact your eco-actions make
every day and introduce your friends and family with facebook and twitter so they can visualize their
impacts too.

Join our ecoideasnet Facebook page to discuss ecoideas from around the world. Starting February
12th our first theme will be “Olympics and Sports”.

“We want the world to know how simple ideas for life can change the world,” says Hisao Tsugita, a
spokesperson for the Panasonic supported website. “Ideas for shifting our lifestyles are being born
everyday, everywhere, so why not have fun sharing and turning them into reality?”

Features of ecoideasnet:
• Eco Lifestyle Blog features and introduces inspiring eco ideas from around the world
through video clips and pictures.
• Eco+You lets you record your eco-friendly actions and see the results for five categories
(Energy, CO2, Water, Waste, and Community). Small changes in your daily life can create
big changes in the world we live in.
• Panasonic Eco Update consists of daily eco activities news from Panasonic locations
around the world. Panasonic will engage in eco-friendly actions with members of