Tuesday, May 3

Cool ways to start your starts

Hey Gartenkinder,

This week, design blog NOTCOT posted a selection of home and community gardening links. Some of the featured products are great for growing starts, like a $20 hand press for turning regular sheets of newspaper into biodegradable pots. The post is full of cool closeup photos.

Check it out: http://bit.ly/jjC2NX

Great Op-Ed in Washington Post!

Why being a foodie isn't elitist. by Erik Schlosser author of "Fast Food Nation".

Sunday, May 1

want to grow your own food?? join the Columbia Community Garden this summer!

If you are interested in working on the garden AT ALL, please fill out this google spreadsheet!

A sneak peak at the sustainable food you could be growing/harvesting/eating - all for FREE!